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BMO Harris

What Does BMO Harris Have to Offer?

At BMO Harris, customers benefit from a combination of personal service and modern technology. This venerable midwestern financial institution maintains branches in Missouri, Indiana, Kansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Arizona, Florida and Minnesota. It offers a variety of banking services that range from basic checking accounts to professional investment advice.

Everyday Checking
Customers may open basic checking accounts at this bank if they deposit at least $100. Accountholders can use about 1,300 automatic teller machines for free. There are many ways to waive the $10 monthly fee. Accounts include several extra features:

1. One free box of checks
2. Online and mobile access
3. MasterCard debit card

University Students
Accountholders gain additional benefits when they tell BMO Harris staff that they attend college and provide appropriate documentation. The monthly Everyday Checking fee is waived. Furthermore, they pay no fees for using other banks’ ATMs.

Health Savings Accounts
This financial institution allows customers to open tax-free accounts that they can use to save money for medical expenses. There’s no minimum deposit, and accountholders may use debit cards or checks to make payments. This bank’s HSAs still include paper statements at no extra cost.

Investment Services
Individuals can also turn to BMO Harris when they need help maximizing their savings. The bank offers various retirement accounts and certificates of deposit. Additionally, its advisors provide personal advice on investments and financial planning.

Digital Banking
Anyone with an account at BMO Harris can take advantage of online and mobile banking systems that are easy to navigate. They facilitate bill payments, statement access and money transfers. This bank uses powerful encryption and firewalls to maximize security. It also refunds other companies’ late fees if its electronic bill payment system malfunctions.

Customer Service
When online or automated phone banking won’t do, customers may visit one of more than 600 BMO Harris branch locations. They can also conveniently obtain personal service by calling the bank’s toll-free phone number.

Customer Discounts
Another benefit of banking at BMO Harris is that the institution provides accountholders with exclusive discounts at various businesses. They include special prices on tickets to certain performances and sporting events. A few retailer discounts are available as well, and customers pay 10 percent less at a famous Milwaukee restaurant.

Basically, BMO Harris accountholders benefit from access to a wide range of banking and investment services. They also have at least five major ways to manage their accounts. Furthermore, the institution’s large size often makes it possible for customers to find its branches or ATMs when they embark on long trips.