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Online Accounts with Bank of America

Bank of America has several financial programs available for the online customer and the retail applicant. Several banking options are offered to each new customer who wishes to open an account with Bank of America. These banking options are available at all retail locations and are offered throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Online Banking
Online banking is a current option for all new banking customers. There are several online features that provide convenience, and these composite features are the following:

  1. An online account may be opened through a retail banking site or online. These accounts may need to be appointed a local banking officer to establish the account and to provide an online password for the customer.
  2. The online banking account may be accessed with a sign in feature that is available through the Bank of America website.
  3. Several convenient options may be chosen for each online bank account. The customer’s personal account is featured along with any current or future credit card accounts. The customer’s mortgage account or automobile loan account may be accessed through one online account as well.

Online Account Sign In
The online account sign in feature is set up through an online instructional program that uses simple and easy prompts to open an online account. Sign in usually includes setting up a screen name or user name for the account and an account password. The account user name and password may need to be registered with a local Bank of America personal banker. The sign in feature allows a new customer to access the following:

  1. The account sign in will display an account dashboard.
  2. The sign in process may include several steps of security that usually registers certain security pictures or security answers.
  3. The dashboard for the account will display the various personal accounts of the customer.
  4. Business accounts may be opened as well. The business accounts will have a separate sign in and dashboard for the company banking accounts.
The website for a customer’s banking accounts may be accessed through or the banking institution’s official website. Directions for accessing several of the banking options are available to read online and are indicated throughout the bank’s Internet site. Online accounts may provide a mobile banking option that allows each customer to access their financial information while traveling or while away from home. Certain banking activities may occur while a customer is away from home, and these are the following:

  1. The online Bank of America customer may pay bills while away from home. Each online account has a bill pay option that conveniently sends out a due bill on a predetermined schedule. The bill pay schedule may be accessed by each customer, and the amount that is paid and when are determined by the account owner.
  2. Funds may be transferred between Bank of America accounts that the customer owns. Funds may be transferred to other outside banks as well. The funds transfers may be completed by Internet access any where the customer is located. Only an Internet connection is needed.
  3. An online customer may track spending with an online bank account. Each transaction is notated, and the customer may return to the screen display in order to budget and plan ahead.

Customer Service
Customer service is a part of each new customer’s financial package. A customer who needs assistance with a mortgage loan or an automobile loan has a personal banker to assist with any questions. Internet personal bankers are available as well. Online customer service may include the following:

  1. Email messages are provided regarding any recent deposits into the financial accounts.
  2. Text messages may be used in order to gain access to any banking account information.
  3. Customer account information may be gained through a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and account information may be securely accessed.

Bank of America Log On
Bank of America log on features may be accessed wherever the customer is located. Log on options are a part of a customer’s financial package.

Cash Rewards Credit Card
Certain loan options are available through Bank of America. A cash rewards credit card may provide emergency funding while traveling, for example. Credit cards with cash rewards may be used to book airlines reservations or pay for dining bills while on the go. A credit card may be applied for online or at a retail branch of the bank. Credit card information may become an account on a customer’s online dashboard.

Retail Branch

Retail branches are available throughout the U.S. and abroad. These local branches provide additional conveniences for a new customer.

Bank of America offers retail branches throughout the U.S. and internationally. Online accounts are offered for each new national and international customer.