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Bank of America

Benefits & Features of Bank of America

Bank of America is a multi-national bank and the United States’ second largest bank. It offers various products to small business and corporations, as well as individuals, including both in-person and online banking. Whatever your current and future financial plans, Bank of America has offers, rewards and services for you.

Bank of America Benefits

While there’s no perfect bank, Bank of America offers customers a host of perks.

1. Savings Accounts: You can open a custodial account if you’d like to start a savings account for your child or children. You can also open a regular savings account for yourself if you want to put some money away for an emergency.

2. Checking Accounts: With Bank of America’s MyAccess Checking account, you can open an account with just a low starting deposit. If you’re going to maintain a high checking account balance, consider the Advantage with Tiered Interest account, where you can get interest on your balance. You also won’t have to pay any fees for cashier checks or money orders.

3. Certificates of Deposit: Bank of America’s Certificates of Deposit give customers an easy way to grow your money without risk. You can invest your money for any duration, short or long, and you can get rates up to .35 percent.

4. Loans: If you need an auto loan, mortgage, student loan or home equity loan, Bank of America has the financing option for you. You can benefit from competitive rates and easily figure out which option is right for you thanks to their loan calculator. It’s easy to find out if you’re pre-qualified for a loan just by visiting their website.

5. Credit Cards and Rewards: No matter what your lifestyle is, there’s a credit card and rewards system from Bank of America to suit you. If you’re a frequent credit card user, you may benefit from a travel reward card. If you’re trying to build your credit or repair your credit, you may want to opt for a student card or a secured card.

Bank of America has easy-to-use online tools for at-home banking, around-the-clock customer services and several locations throughout the United States.