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Citibank Appeals to Customers with Bonuses, Rewards and More

Citibank is an international financial institution that has more than 600 banks in the United States. The company uses a unique approach to banking that looks at each individual customer to determine what the individual wants and needs. The company offers a number of different products and services, including mobile banking and credit cards.

Vast Array of Checking Accounts

When customers open a checking account with the bank, they have four different choices. The basic checking account is available for those who don’t need any special features, while the student account gives college students access to free ATMs and free checking that never comes with any monthly fees. Those who opt for the Citibank Account must maintain a monthly balance of at least $15,000 in their account, but as long as they maintain that balance, the company won’t charge any fees. It also offers Interest Checking, which lets members earn money when they keep a balance in their account.

Savings Accounts

Those who open a savings account with the bank can choose between two different options. The day-to-day savings account features AutoSave, which lets customers transfer funds between their savings and checking accounts to avoid overdraft fees. The same feature is also available on the Savings Plus Account, but this account also features an adjustable interest rate. The more money that a customer places in the account, the more the interest rate grows.

Citi Thank You Rewards

Like many companies around the world, the bank realized the importance of motivating customers and keeping them happy. Instead of starting a traditional reward program, the company started its Citi Thank You Rewards program. Customers can enroll their banking account into the program and earn points when making purchases. The company also requires that customers set up their account for direct deposit and pay at least one bill from that attached account before using the program. Members can later trade in their points to receive discounts at major retailers around the world. They can exchange their points for specific products from Bose and other designers, or use their points to purchase gift cards.

Mobile Banking

More people now check their bank accounts through their cell phones and tablets than they do from the computers they use at home and at work. With the US bank log in, customers can now access their accounts from almost any device they use. The company created a mobile website, which lets customers see all the information they need on a smaller screen. Other companies still rely on traditional websites, which can cut off pertinent information. Customers can then transfer money between accounts, pay bills and check their balances.

Secured Online Access

Those who compare Citizens Bank to Citibank will find that both companies offer secured online access. Phishing software is one of the greatest threats to security, but the company takes special steps to reduce the risk of phishing software gaining customer information. This type of software steals the user names and passwords that customers use, which then lets someone else drain their accounts or steal private information that the person can use to steal someone’s identity. Anyone using the online login or US bank log in will receive the best security.

Citi Credit Cards

The company also offers a number of credit cards for its customers. The Citi Simplicity card is the most basic card that it offers, and the Citi card comes with a 0 interest rate on all purchased made within the first 18 months that the account remains open. The Citi Platinum Select card gives members bonus airline miles if they make at least $1,000 in purchases using the card. Customers can also choose the Diamond Select, Diamond Preferred or Hilton HHonors card. The HHonors card rewards members with 40,000 points that they can use at Hilton hotels after spending $1,000 or more with the card within the first four months after opening the account. Citi cards also include prepaid cards that can help members rebuild credit and make purchases if they don’t qualify for one of the other cards.

Special Offers

The official website includes a number of discounts and deals available for people interested in opening a line of credit or an account with the company. Existing customers can also find promotional offers that they can use. These deals might include an extra 20,000 points for those who link a banking account to the rewards program, or a deal that gives a new customer 40,000 bonus points the first time they make a qualified rewards program purchase. Citigroup offers a number of different deals and discounts that appeal to new customers, but the company also helps existing customers find the financial products and services that they need every day.